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Emily Rohrbach
for Madison Heights
City Council

Election Day is November 5, 2019

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Who is Emily Rohrbach?

Emily Rohrbach candidate for Madison Heights city council with her family.

Emily and her husband, Dr. Dale Rohrbach have lived in Madison Heights since 2004.  As a mother to three school-aged children, Emily is committed to making Madison Heights a city that celebrates its diversity, protects its green spaces and provides opportunities for everyone to thrive. 

Emily has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Harding University and a Masters of Training and Development from Oakland University.  In her career, Emily has taken on leadership roles and is proud to have helped the companies and organizations that she worked for make significant progress toward greater efficiency, staff morale and profits.  She is passionate about serving the community both in her personal life and through her career choices.

Why run for City Council?

Emily Rohrbach for City Council Launch Party 2017

Emily believes that when our community is strong, everyone benefits.  Madison Heights City Council has the opportunity to be strategic about how we engage with residents; developing opportunities for revenue growth, small business development,  improved quality of life and increased property values for residents.  

Emily believes that Madison Heights can make progress toward attracting home buyers and business investment though the strategic expansion of city services and accessibility.  There are significant opportunities for business investment in our city that can expand the revenue for the city  which can be reinvested in city services.  

It's about quality of life! 

Skills and Experience


Emily has worked in both the corporate and non profit sectors in her career.  From managing budgets, improving systems, developing plans for corporate change and communications, Emily has the skills needed to be an effective leader for Madison Heights.  

In addition, Emily's time as a stay-at-home mom of three has given her insight into the challenges and rewards of raising a family in this city.

Emily's current career is focused on supporting individuals who have chosen to run for public office. She has supported candidates running for State House and Senate as well as a number of local and County-wide candidates.

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